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Mega Collection - Anaesthesia EBooks by ImedRx


  • Miller_7ed.pdf
  • Atlas of Airway Management.chm
  • Trauma - 6th E.chm
  • Rosen's Emergency Medicine- 6TH Ed.chm
  • Dorsch and Dorsch.chm
  • Textbook of Anaesthesia Aitkenhead.pdf
  • Longnecker_Anesthesiology.pdf
  • Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures 2009.chm
  • Intensive Care Medicine. Anual Update 2008 (JL Vincent).pdf
  • Barash_6ed.chm
  • Benumof's Airway Management, 2nd ed.chm
  • A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children COTE.pdf
  • Miller's Anesthesia - 7th Ed.chm
  • Complications in Anesthesiology (Lobato - Gravenstein - Kirby, 2008).chm
  • Ultrasound Imaging for Regional Anesthesia.chm
  • Textbook of regional anesthesia.pdf
  • Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children, 7th ed..chm
  • Key topics in Critical Care.pdf
  • Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine, 6th ed.CHM
  • Principles of Critical Care, 3rd editioon Gregory & Hall.pdf
  • Goldfrank_s_Toxicologic_Emergencies__8e_2006.CHM
  • Principles & Practice of Pain Medicine.CHM
  • Mannual of Emerg Airway Management - Walls 3rd ed.CHM
  • Respiratory Critical Care.pdf
  • Trauma, Volume 2.pdf
  • Stoelting Pharm and Physio.chm
  • Trauma, Volume 1.pdf
  • Yao and Artusio Anesthesiology Problem-Oriented Patient Management.pdf
  • Trauma Anesthesia.pdf
  • Sullivan - Anaesthesia For Medical Students.pdf
  • Anesthesiology_Dec_2009.pdf
  • Procedures, Techniques, and Minimally Invasive Monitoring in Intensive Care in ICU.CHM
  • Oxford_textbook_of_critical_care.pdb
  • Obstetric Anesthesia Principles and Practice- 3rd ed.chm
  • Practical Approach to Cardiac Anesthesia (Hensley - Martin - Gravlee, 4th Ed. 2008).chm
  • Handbook Barash_6ed.chm
  • Core_Topics_in_Airway_Management.pdf
  • Lange Clinical Anesthesiology, 4th Edition.chm
  • Anes & Uncommon Diseases 5th.chm
  • Recent Advances-Anes & ICU 22ed.pdf
  • Stoelting-5.chm
  • Kaplan Essentials of Cardiac Anesthesia, 1st ed..chm
  • Obstetric_Anesthesia_Handbook.pdf
  • 1405186348 CongenitalA.pdf
  • Essentials_of_Pain_Medicine.pdf
  • Procedures in Critical care.pdf
  • Yearbook of Intensive Care2009.pdf
  • perioperative_care_in_cardiac_anesthesia_and_surgery.chm
  • Anesthesia Student Survival Guidec.pdf
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition-0071604057.chm
  • Acid-BaseDisorders__5th_ed.chm
  • Pharmacology_9th Ed Katzung.pdf
  • Clinical Anesthesia.pdb
  • Anesthesia Secrets- 4th Edition_9780323065245 - James Duke MD MBA.pdf
  • Perioperative_Care_in_Minimally_Invasive_Surgery_-_The_SAGES_Manual.pdf
  • Manual_of_office-based_anesthesia_procedures.chm
  • Current Diagnosis and Treatment Critical Care, 3rd edition.pdf
  • Cerebral Monitoring in the OR and ICU.pdf
  • Essentials_of_Neuroanesthesia_and_Neurointensive_Care.pdf
  • Anatomy for Anesthetists.pdf
  • Handbook of Critical Care.pdf
  • Complications.of.Regional.Anesthesia.2nd.ed.2007.3HAXAP.pdf
  • 4573010_Fundamentals_of_Anaesthesia__Third_Edition__Cambridge_Medicine_.pdf
  • Neuro Anesthesia & critical care.pdf
  • Pulse oximetry.pdf
  • Anesthesia___Analgesia_Dec_2009.pdf
  • Radiology for anaesthesia and Intensive care medicine.pdf
  • Management_of_COPD.pdf
  • Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery.pdf
  • Chest X-ray Made Easy.pdf
  • Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia.chm
  • Management of Laparoscopic Surgical Complications.pdf
  • ACLS Review.pdf
  • IV Therapy.pdf
  • Anaesthesia Science.pdf
  • Geriatric Anesthesiology.pdf
  • Clinical Cases in Anesthesia.pdf
  • opioid_analgesics_casy_parfitt.pdf
  • Physics_ Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists Key Concepts for the FRCA.pdf
  • Physics, Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists.pdf
  • Chest X-Ray in Clinical Practice.pdf
  • Paediatric_Anaesthesia__Doyle__1st_Ed._2007_.chm
  • Tracheostomy.pdf
  • Critical Care.pdf
  • Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E-21.pdf
  • Perioperative and Critical Care Medicine.pdf
  • Principles & Prac of Pharmacology for Anaesthetists.pdf
  • ECG_bmj.pdf
  • Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.pdf
  • Core Topics in Perioperative Medicine.pdf
  • Current Diagnosis & Treatment - PAIN.CHM
  • Anaesthesia Viva Book.pdf
  • Perioperative Cardiology & Crit Care.pdf
  • Recent Advances-Anes & ICU 24th.pdf
  • Anesthesia for High risk patient.pdf
  • Physiology for anaesthetists.pdf
  • Drugs_in_Pregnacy_and_Lactation_6ed.pdb
  • Basic Science for Anaesthetists.pdf
  • Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency APICE 2007-22.pdf
  • Sedation_and_analgesia_for_diagnostic_and_therapeutic_procedures.pdf
  • Pediatric Anesthesiology Review; Clinical Cases for Self-Assessment-1441916164.pdf
  • Pediatric anesthesia book. draeger.pdf
  • Clinician's Pocket Drug Ref 2009.pdf
  • Neonatal Pain.pdf
  • 0521737818_Clinical Ambulatory Anaesthesia_Cambridge Press.pdf
  • Nerve Blocks in Palliative Care.pdf
  • Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain in Neonates and Children.pdf
  • Concise Anatomy for Anesthesia.pdf
  • MCQs for the Primary FRCA.pdf
  • Clinical Use of Blood.pdf
  • Paediatric Anaesthesia (Problems in Anaesthesia).pdf
  • Anaethesia Review.pdb
  • Short answer questions.pdf
  • Recent_Advances_in_Anesthesia_and_Analgesia.13.pdf

Format: PDF, CHM, PDB Books | Size: 1.2GB


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